Floor Piano

This project was made for interactive exhibit in Delhi. The concept is people would have a screen in front of them and instruction will be shown on the screen, so they would play the rhythm and a video will be played on the screen.

Each piano key is made from two card board cut-outs with Al foil one side, and they are separated by a thin layer of polystyrene. When the switch is press, it is read by arduino and data is sent serially to python script which plays the sound, and displays the instructions and plays the video. I’m waiting for images and videos from the exhibit, I’ll upload as soon as I get it.

Here is the cardboard cut outs, crafts is a difficult thing to do.


Huge help from my niece.


AKA beta tester.





Testing the circuit

Testing the Keys



  • Murli

    good work Hemal! have some questions ….how do u read the pressure plate inputs ?? capsense? or is it like a switch that completes the circuit?

    • hemalchevli

      its a switch that connects the pulled up io pin to gnd.