Open Source PCB Ruler v1.0

Today I received the new and improved PCBs. Now the foot prints names are bigger, the scales starts at the edge.

Check it out:

IMG_20140519_142106199 IMG_20140519_142829460

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  • spilkos

    waiting for it soon….

  • kovalevsky

    Hi there, this is a really amazing work.
    I was thinking about the boards. Where did you printed the pcb’s? I’m looking for a company that can do the job.

    Thanks in advance.

    • hemalchevli

      Thanks, I got the boards from seeedstudio fusion PCB service.

  • spilkos

    Today Ireceive two of them,really nice quality as schematic and layout,hope that Hemal start to create a same pcb ruler with through hole components.Thanks