Read serial data without PC on GLCD

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I’m calling it GLCDTerm(spin-off from GTKTerm), this handy tool reads TTL serial data and displays it on GLCD. This is the first time I’ve used a GLCD in any of my projects. It runs on m328 using arduino bootloaer and the awesome GLCD library. I first made a prototype on one of my arduino clones, Below is the video running diagnostics program.

After testing stuff out, I soldered things on a perf board and I made a small boo boo, I connected the header the wrong way around, it was to late to de-solder it, so the buttons which were supposed to be on the bottom are now at the top. I’m using DC barrel jack for powering the circuit. There are two regulators on board 1117-5.0v and 1117-3.3v, the circuit is being powered with 5v. I’ve placed power headers on the top left so the external circuit can be powered which are Vin, 5v and 3.3v. There is a RX-TX header on the right side for connecting it with external circuit. I’m currently running Serial2GLCD sketch included in the library,I’m using a A5 at the reset pin, you need to uncomment a line in the config file in its library, it reads data at baud-rate of 115200, because in all my projects I use this baud. The programs uses about 6k of memory, I’ve also added 4 buttons for using the menus which are yet to be implemented so baud rate can be selected. All the IO pins are used up, so there is no scope of adding a keyboard to it, which would be a great addition. One way to do this is to use two m328s, one handles GLCD stuff and other takes care of keyboard.

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I did face some problems in getting the GLCD to work, it was mainly due to wiring errors which I made on the arduino board and also on the perf-board. The arduino website provides quite in-depth information for using GLCD. It will be easier to add displays to future projects, till then I’ll play around with it.

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