ATTiny on Arduino

For projects that uses low IO count and/or need to fit in a tight space, you can use the attiny on arduino. This let you forgot about makefiles, all the configurable options are listed the tools menu. Made my life easier

There are many attiny cores out there, I tried a couple of options listed here but many are outdated, the one worked really well is by Spence Konde.

How to Add ATtiny Core to Arduino IDE

I’m using Arduino 1.6.6 from, so adding cores is now a very simplified process.

Open the arduino IDE, go to File>Preference.

Add this “” to the additional boards.


Restart the IDE.

Go to Tools>Boards>Board Manager, you should see the ATTiny core listed, click on it and hit install.

Arduino Board Manager with attiny core

Restart the IDE again and additional board should be listed in the boards menu.

Select the programmer that you are using, in my case I’m using USBasp.

Code, Upload, Test, Repeat.

Having attiny on arduino is really helpful as it moves your focus on the programming. I’ve currently tested on attiny 2313 as that’s what I’m working on.

 You can start coding using the main function or you can also go the usual way of using setup and loop function.