ATX Power supply MOD

Many people have done this kind of mod, I borrowed this power supply from a friend who had it lying around, and I was tired of using adaptors of different voltages that came with some appliances I don’t  remember, So the thing is simple, I got some connectors, red led and a switch, next open up the power supply, make sure that its not plugged in, bunch of wires coming out from the power supply have different voltages, example:

Red wires : +5V

White : -5V

Blue : -12V

Orange : +3.3V

Yellow : +12V

Make holes and in the power supply to mount the connectors and, bundle the wire of same colour together and connect it to the connectors, to turn on the power supply, you need to short the green wire to ground, I’ve added a toggle switch which connects and disconnects the green and ground(black wire).

I had a help from here.