Laptop Cooler

More Pictures

All you need is: 3 foot long 1/2" diameter PVC pipe, 4 90 degree elbow 2 cups/caps that will close the end of the pipe Measuring tape saw drill spade drill bits(not essential but good to have) If you plan to use a fan these are the extra things that you will need Cooling fan USB male plug wires shrink tube solder iron

I’ve add some pictures so can get the idea. There are three pipes, 1 is along the longer(pipe along the scree of laptop),2( at the sides of latop, same length) First measure the distance between the base pad of the laptop along the screen, cut the pipe according to the dimension, also take in consideration the offset distance of the elbows, To be safe cut exactly to the length measured and add the elbows and cut it so that the rubber pads sit exactly on the elbow. Cut two small pieces of pipe to attach the two elbows on both sides. Now cut the remaining pipe into half and attach it to the elbow. Attach the end caps. Make sure that all the rubber pads are on the pipe. The laptop might slip so be CAREFUL! To stop this with the laptop on mark 4 place where the rubber pads  touch the pipe. Drill a hole big enough so the pad can sink in the pipe. In some laptop the rubber pads might be rectangular in shape, in that case use a file to make space for the pad. Thats is it you cooling pad is ready.

Adding fan(Optional) Make a small hole in the pipe which is along the screen, so that the two wires of the fan can pass through, connect extension wires of about 1 and 1/2 foot  to both red and black wires,attach the red wire of the USB to red wire of fan and black to black. To make space for the USB port in the pipe, file it, also file the USB port along the corners. Mounting the fan I used a small aluminium strip  and attached the fan to it using a double sided tape, You can use a glue gun to make a stronger bond. I’m still looking for other ways to mount the fans.