Nescafé Connect Café RFID in Jordan and Lebanon



Students registers with Facebook and RFID band is given. Two users swipe their RFID bands on RFID reader place in each table, they can become friends on Facebook.

The first day of college is very strange, and the first thing on mind is to make friends. many times these college friendships last a life time. We wanted to help the students to make as many friends as they can and have a experience they never had along the way. We provided this solution to Nescafe, a temporary coffee shop was created on the university grounds with a registration desk. This was used to link the students Facebook account with their RFID bracelets. Students randomly sat with each other and after becoming friends, to become friends on Facebook they would just swipe their bands one after the other, that’s it. A pop up will also come up on the screen with photos of both students celebrating a new friendship. There is a big screen that shows photos of the students floating around a line is drawn between photos that shows the connection is made.

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Nescafé Connect Café

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