Tech Fashion Show

When people from completely different background come together and make something the results are always spectacular.

Few months ago, I was asked by a tech magazine called who organised a “tech fashion show” , to integrate electronics and technology into fashion. There were many designers lined up, I was teamed with one eminent designer(not naming anyone because you will find reason below). He is very nice guy, We had couple of meetings with him and his team where in we brainstormed on how we can do that. I learned a thing or two about fabrics and materials used and some processes that goes in making them. Some how there are always very short timelines to execute this sort of project. Involving 3D printing was a no brainer and there had to be an interactive element to it, so we decided to use lights and some movements that would react based on some sensor outputs.

Due the short time we had at hand and the low speed of the 3D printer, two dress were decided to be made, one with lights and one with some sort of movement. The Designer made some sketches and models were created in CAD software, I helped out with the dimensions and also make a small enclouser for the electronics to go in. I modelled the movement in Blender using a small 9gm servo and used WS2811 for the lights. Here are the two dresses in action.

Designer flies off to NYC for an event and is to return on the D-day, which he does. Till then I work with is awesome team, and pulling all nighters. Never the less we share progress by sharing pictures and videos on whatsapp. There were some things the Designer was not happy about and fired one of his designer when he came back. That was a bit of a surprise there for me.

So its D-day and I’m getting ready to reach the venue all excited, I even called my wife to the event to witness the thing I made. Just before we are getting ready I get a call, its not happening,WTF. The event will go on, the designer I was working with will not allow the dresses to get on the ramp. I go there alone to find out what the hell just happen. Turns out there were some clashes of ego(#facepalm). In the end the dresses didn’t make it to the ramp.

They now sit inside some closet. I had to run around to get paid for the work, which eventually paid, partially. Shit happens.